Planning Commission


Official Agenda



City of Greenville
Planning Commission
Regular Meeting
4:00 PM October 15, 2020

1. Call to Order
2. Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Minutes
a. August 20, 2020 Public Hearing
5. Call for Public Notice Affidavit from Applicants
6. Acceptance of Agenda
7. Call for Public Comment
8. Conflict of Interest Statement
9. Old Business


A. FDP 18-980 Phase 1 
Application by Michael Cambell for a FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN of the ADAMS HILL PLANNED DEVELOPMENT on 19.4 acres located at HAYWOOD RD and PELHAM RD (TM#s 0278000200300, 0278000200301)


B. Z-7-2020 - Revised Staff Report 10.13
Application by Stanley Martin Companies, LLC for a REZONE of 0.26 total acres located at RIDGE RD for Parcel 1A from R-9 to S-1 and for Parcel 1B from S-1 to R-9 (TM#s M012020100109; M012040300406)


10. New Business
A. SD-20-008
Application by Stanley Martin Companies, LLC for a SUBDIVISION of 16.5 total acres located at RIDGE RD from 2 LOTS to 2 LOTS (TM#s M012020100109; M012040300406)


B. SD-20-007
Application by Brandon Graham for a SUBDIVISION of 4.97 acres at 135 CAROLINA POINT PARKWAY from 1 LOT to 2 LOTS  (TM# 0547010101658)


C. Z-12-2020 - Revised Staff Report 10.13
Application by John Darrohn for a REZONE of 0.85 acre located on NORTH VANCE STREET from RM-1 and R-6 to RM-1.5 (TM# 0123000100101; 0123000100400; 0123000100500; 0123000100300; 0123000100200; 0123000100100)


D. SN-20-028 (SN-20-549)
Application by Bogue Wallin for a STREET NAMING to Park Edge Court (TM# 0091010300300; 0091010300200)


E. SD-20-009
Application by Christopher Laney for a SUBDIVISION of 4.16 acres located at the corner of CAVALIER DRIVE and FAIRFOREST WAY from 1 LOT to 49 LOTS  (TM# M012030100100)


F. SD-20-010 - Revised Staff Report 10.13
Application by for a SUBDIVISION of 129.68 acres located on DALLAS ROAD from 4 LOTS to 153 LOTS  (TM# M011020203607; M011020203602; M010020101500; M011020203603)


11. Other Business
    A.     Monthly Comp Plan Update
    B.     Upcoming Dates: November 19, 2020 - PC Public Hearing
12. Adjournment

*Agenda And Meeting Instructions
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