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Official Agenda



City of Greenville
Planning Commission
Agenda Workshop
12:00 PM Tuesday, January 14, 2020
9th Floor Conference Room, City Hall

Note: The primary purpose of this workshop is for the Planning Commission to receive an overview of the applications on the upcoming public hearing agenda.  The workshop is a public meeting open to the general public.  No action or votes will be taken by the commission on any agenda item at the workshop.  Likewise, no public comments will be received during the workshop.  Persons wishing to comment on an application are invited to do so at the public hearing on January 16, 2020.  

Application materials are included with the Agenda Packet for the January 16, 2020, Public Hearing.


1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Discussion and Training on the following items:



A. MD 19-004
Application by Aspens Senior Living LLC for a MULTI-FAMILY DEVELOPMENT of 159 units on 7.95 acres located at VERDAE BLVD and SALTERS RD (TM# 0261000101200, SE corner)

B. MD 19-005
Application by Richard Lynch for a MULTI-FAMILY DEVELOPMENT of 8 units on 1.7 acres located at CHESTNUT ST and E NORTH ST (TM#s 0190000207900; 0190000207000; 0190000207100; 0190000207200)

C. SD 18-009MM
Application by Phillip Day for a SUBDIVISION MODIFICATION of 21.1 acres located at 3590 LAURENS RD from 1 LOT to 88 LOTS (TM# M010040100600) (SD 18-009 approved by PC 06/21/18; SD 18-009M approved by PC 11/15/18)

D. SD 19-017 – deferred until 02/20/20 meeting
Application by Robert Julian for a COTTAGE SUBDIVISION on 1.04 acres located at HALL ST from 2 LOTS to 9 LOTS (TM#s 0201000102701, 0201000102702)

E. SD 19-019
Application by Jennings Lyon (c/o LyonJay) for a SUBDIVISION of 25.73 acres located at FAIRFOREST WAY and UNITED WAY from 1 LOT to 129 LOTS (TM# M011010100315)

F. SD 19-020
Application by Jay Martin for a CLUSTER SUBDIVISION of 4.81 acres located on FISHER DR from 7 LOTS to 29 LOTS (TM# 0280000203400; 0280000203500; 0280000203600; 0280000203601; 0280000203700; 0280000203800; 0280000203801)

G. Z-26-2018M
Application by Joe Bryant for a PD MAJOR MODIFICATION of the ADAMS HILL PLANNED DEVELOPMENT on 19.4 acres located at HAYWOOD RD and PELHAM RD (TM#s 0278000200300, 0278000200301) (Original PD zoning approved 08/12/19)

4. Executive Session, if required

5. Adjournment

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