Light Outages

Individual Street Light Request

Residents may request to have a single street light installed to better illuminate the streets in their neighborhood. The standard installation includes a full-cutoff fixture mounted on a wooden utility pole. The street light is typically placed on the best available existing wooden utility pole. A new pole may be set if necessary.

Request Process

The installation of an individual street light involves a simple process. A resident requests a street light by contacting the Traffic Engineering Division. A representative from the division will determine if the requested area qualifies for an additional light. If the additional light is approved, the City will authorize Duke Energy to schedule the installation. Duke Energy will install the street light in about 6 weeks, and the City will pay for the power to operate it.

General Information & Installation Standard

  • Underground wiring is used only in areas currently served with underground utilities.
  • Street light poles are always placed on public right-of-way. They are installed along the edge of pavement, in the planting strip or behind the sidewalk so they will not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Should Duke Energy have a need to install cable on private property, overhead or underground, the submittal of the request is recognized as granting Duke Energy the right to make such installations. In these rare instances, addition of underground cable is typically the reason and a 6 inch trench is generally sufficient.
  • Private items in the right-of-way (sprinkler systems, invisible fencing, cables, wires, PVC conduits, household water lines, etc.) are not the responsibility of Duke Energy or the City of Greenville. It is recommended that such items be removed from right-of-way. At minimum, they should be flagged or otherwise marked so that they may be avoided.
  • The City of Greenville retains exclusive authority to determine final placement of all street lights.

Street Light Outage

Do you have a street light out? Call the Traffic Engineering Department at 864-467-4360. Street light outages are faxed daily to Duke Energy since Duke owns and maintains the equipment.

The City of Greenville arranges for the repair of street lights, street light installation, and pays the electric bill. If the light is a privately owned fixture, you may use the form on Duke Energy's website or you can call Duke Energy's Customer Service Center directly at 1-800-653-5307.