Woodruff Road Area Improvements

Map showing location of Woodruff Road improvements

As part of the ongoing City of Greenville and Greenville County initiatives to improve pedestrian safety, manage traffic flow and congestion, and minimize crashes along the Woodruff Road corridor, the City has two improvement projects scheduled for construction this fall.


In 2018, the City installed a concrete median on Woodruff Road between Woodruff Industrial Drive and I-85 to improve traffic flow and congestion. Due to the effectiveness and safety benefits of this access management technique, the City has decided to install a permanent concrete median on Woodruff Industrial Lane. The median will begin at the Woodruff Road intersection and will prohibit drivers from making left turns within the first 700 feet of Woodruff Industrial Lane. 

Magnolia Park Access

The second project involves improvements at the entrance to the Magnolia Park shopping center. The project includes consolidating the two existing crosswalks into one, removing the concrete medians to improve the visibility of the crosswalk and make it safer for vehicles approaching the intersection from Green Heron Road, and narrowing the width of the entrance to help reduce the speed of vehicles entering and exiting the shopping center and reduce the distance pedestrians must travel to cross the intersection. 

Construction of these projects is expected to begin in September and take approximately eight weeks to complete. The goal is to have all of the improvements in place before the start of the holiday shopping season.