1. map showing safe walking routes to the Well

    Game On for NCAA Women's Basketball

    With games starting Friday and continuing through Monday, a little planning will help you keep your eye on the ball. Know Before You Go!
  1. Mayor Knox White with the Carlton family

    Carlton Family Donates $500k for Plaza to Honor First Responders and Veterans

    The Philip J. Carlton Memorial Plaza will be located in front of the Thomas and Vivian Wong Honor Tower. Donation Details
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  1. Avoid risky driving

    The Greenville Police Department (GPD) wants to remind everyone to drive safe.  And remember, it's more than avoiding drunken driving. Any form of impaired driving — including driving while drowsy or on medication — can be hazardous to your safety and that of others on the road.  According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top risky driving practices are: 

    • Drunk driving. Keep this in mind for your next party or get-together. 
    • Drug-impaired driving. With colds and flu’s happening in the wintertime, know that over-the-counter and prescribed medicines can also impair your driving ability.  
    • Lack of seat belts. Use them, they save lives. 
    • Speeding. Avoid speeding, and make sure to yield when required.  
    • Distracted driving. Texting while driving leads to accidents.  
    • Drowsy driving. Avoid driving while sleep-deprived or drowsy — it can be just as deadly as drunk driving. On long drives, take a break to stretch every 45 to 60 minutes. Drivers are the drowsiest from midnight to 6 a.m., as well as late afternoons.
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