The City of Greenville Comprehensive Plan

Every Greenville resident is a stakeholder in their home and future and everyone’s participation is needed to make this an inclusive, successful process.

We’re having a citywide conversation about change, focusing on where we are now and where we want to go in the next 20 years. This plan will guide elected officials, staff, planning board members and others when working with regulations, policies and projects that impact development and the quality of life in Greenville.


GVL2040, the comprehensive planning process that will give the City of Greenville a policy blueprint and decision-making guide for the next 20 years, is nearly two-thirds complete. To ensure that the draft plan takes shape in a way that reflects what the community is willing to support, the project team needs additional input from residents and community stakeholders to evaluate the benefits, costs and trade-offs associated with the three growth scenarios presented at the GVL2040 open house in February:

Scenario #1: “Stay the course” of recent decades through growth on vacant land, under existing zoning and building codes, and boost the pace of affordable housing development.

Scenario #2: Allow increased density in “nodes” and corridors and allow the development of existing vacant land, as in Scenario 1. The increased density nodes and corridors would accommodate a larger volume of affordable housing and make higher-quality transit service realistic.

Scenario #3: Allow increased density in nodes and corridors, as in Scenario 2, to accommodate additional affordable housing and higher-quality transit service—but also set aside a portion of existing vacant land as preserved open space.

The public is encouraged to participate in a new online survey designed to identify how Greenville residents and stakeholders want the community to grow and where they want growth to happen. The results of the survey will help the GVL2040 project team finalize a preferred model for growth.

The survey is available at and the deadline to participate is Friday, June 5.


The steering committee members were chosen from 226 applicants. They will work with the City’s planning staff, the planning consultant team and other community members to provide insight, spread the word about planning efforts and advise on the plan’s substance.

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