Plan Your Trip 

Greenlink has partnered with Google to make using public transportation in Greenville even more convenient. Riders can now utilize Google Transit, a popular web-based application that uses data provided by Greenlink, to plan their trips using their smartphone, tablet or desktop. The app allows riders to customize their routes, view interactive maps and get walking directions to the nearest bus stop and to their destination once they leave the bus.

Access Google Transit using the widget at right, or via the Google Maps website or app. Google Transit provides step-by-step directions and information, including:

  • Closest bus stop and departure times
  • Route names and numbers
  • Transfer locations
  • Trip fare
  • How long the trip will take

Interested in using Greenlink's GTFS data for map and route planning development? Access GTFS data.

Realtime GTFS feeds:

Vehicle Positions

Trip Updates