In June 2015, the SC legislature passed a bill requiring all state and local law enforcement agencies to implement body-worn cameras and to develop policies and procedures for their use. Ken Miller, who was Police Chief at the time, had implemented body-worn cameras in a previous jurisdiction and testified in support of the legislation before a SC Senate committee.

City Council, the City Manager and the Police Chief are committed to the success of Greenville's program and are confident that body-worn camera technology is both useful and necessary for informing and maintaining public confidence and trust. Body-worn camera systems enable officers to record situations that occur in most any environment, and provide the best chance of capturing the entirety of an incident on record, not only to evaluate against law, policy and skills training, but also to enable the Police Department to preserve and present evidence or address concerns with factual information.

The Greenville Police Department has partnered with a variety of stakeholders, including local and state prosecutors and judges, to develop a body-worn camera policy (PDF) and to efficiently manage the access and transfer of video evidence.