Plastic Bags

Graphic: image urging residents not to throw plastic bags in recycling carts

Plastic bags such as grocery bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags and newspaper bags cannot go in your recycling cart.

Please return them to participating grocery and retail stores or check out the tips below for ways to reuse them:

  • Use them as stuffing for pillows or packing material for mailing
  • Use them at the bottom of potted plants to reduce the amount of soil you need and make the pots easier to lift.
  • Place a bag over the mouth of a paint can before putting on the lid to keep flakes of dried paint out of the can.
  • Place unripe peaches, plums or green tomatoes in a bag to trap ethylene, the natural gas released by ripening fruit, and help them ripen faster.
  • Wrap them around your knees when working in the garden to keep them dry and clean.
  • Put shoes in them when packing your suitcase to keep from soiling your clothes.
  • Wrap wet paintbrushes and rollers in bags to keep them from drying out.
  • Cover small outdoor plants with bags and tie the handles tightly to keep frost off them at night.
  • Protect drinking glasses and other fragile items with them when moving.
  • Cover your car's side mirrors and windshield wipers with them at night in winter to prevent ice buildup.
  • Use them to make "plarn" (plastic yarn) for crocheting projects.