Strategic Plan

The Greenville City Fire Department’s strategic plan serves as a five-year roadmap to ensure that all GCFD personnel understand the direction the department is moving in and their role in shaping its future. To establish the framework of the plan, GCFD utilized input received from fire personnel and feedback from the community to develop a series of goals for each of the department’s key areas: standards and training; facilities and equipment; programs and internal development.

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Standards and Training

  • Ensure GCFD emergency services meet or exceed recognized national standards
  • Achieve consistent, safe and effective performance in all areas of operations and management through a comprehensive training program

Facilities and Equipment

  • Acquire and maintain the facilities, equipment and apparatus needed to deliver service
  • Improve the efficiency and allocation of department resources


  • Achieve Department of Health & Environmental Control Basic Life Support Status
  • Develop Community Risk Reduction & Life Safety Education Program
  • Maintain highest level of response in special operations – Safety, Hazmat and Technical Rescue

Internal Development

  • Increase professionalism and promote leadership at all levels within the department
  • Promote and develop health and wellness initiatives within the department
  • Increase individual ownership in morale and organizational development

Once the goals were established, GCFD performed a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis to determine what internal and external forces could affect the achievement of those goals and developed tasks and objectives to address them. To ensure accountability, each task/objective was assigned to a person or group of people within the department and each has a targeted time frame for completion. The plan is reviewed annually to ensure that it is current and on target.

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